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Fertilizer Technology

Discover everything about our fertilizer technologies corresponding to the liquid and solid sections.

  • Production Capacity Increase
  • Saving on Energy
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Investment Reduction
  • Mantainance Costs Saving
  • Operation and Equipment Simplicity
  • Improved Ammonia Yields
  • Pollution Absence
  • Settings Flexibility
  • Versatility of the Installation
  • Great Adaptability for Revamps

Over the las 40 years INCRO, S.A. has developed its own fertilizer technologychiefly devoted to produce DAP, NPK, NKs and AS

Several processes are available, depending on the raw materials available, like slurry granulation ( with Pipe Reactor and Preneutralizer), solid granulation, nitrophosphate’s slurry granulation, etc.

The most widely applied one is INCRO´s slurry technology, based on the use of INCRO’s Pipe Reactor, taking advantage of the low moisture content of the Ammonium Salts slurries that this Pipe Reactor can produce.

Besides being licensor/ engineering company FERTIBERIA- INCRO, S.A. are also fertilizer manufacturers with large experience worldwide.

Following up on some early work by TVA Reactor Pipe liquid fertilizers’ production ; S.A. CROS was the first company developing its own PR for granular fertilizers from 1971-74 in a pilot plant . Since then, production has increased to a industrial scale producing a wide range of fertilizers.

Technology has been appliedand succesfully tested in many industrial plants, not only in our own facilities in Spain, but also abroad in Brazil, Japan, U.K., Philippines, Tunisia, Portugal, Colombia, Korea, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bulgary, India etc. with a total of over 60 Pipe Reactors installed.

The process is based on the use of a specially designed Pipe Reactor (PR) of small dimensions for the neutralization of the Phosphoric Acid with Ammonia. PR works either alone or in conjunction with a preneutralizer depending on the product and available raw materials.

This process has been installed in units, working with most phosacid sources, like Morocco, Florida, Jordania, Tunisia, China, Brazil, Togo, etc.

Pipe Reactor process designs for many capacities ( from 10-110 tph DAP/NPK units) and working conditions (gas or liquid Ammonia) are available.

Our Tubular Reactor (RT) as well as the manufacture through the tubular reactor and preneutralizer (mixed process), has been successfully tested in many industrial facilities for the combined manufacture of DAP, MAP, NPK and AS.

The procedure to be followed in the manufacture of the NitroPhosphate Route NPK’s is based on the attack of the nitric and sulphuric acid over the phosphate rock and the following neutralization of the reaction products.

Description of the most important stages of this process:

  • Reaction Section: The feeding of Amonia gas is sent to the PR where it reacts with the Nitric Acid. The steam produced in the PR vessel and scrubber tank is used to heat the feeding of Ammonia gas and Nitric Acid, the excess is condensated with cool water.
  • Concentration: The solution AN is concentrated up to 90% in the evaporator.
  • Melting and Prilling: The solution of 90% is sent to the melting tank with the solids from the screen section. This solution is sent to the prilling tower.

The solution of 95% AN  with the liquid and solid additives is prilled through the special pulverizers.

  • Drying and Cooling: The solid Ammonium Nitrate collected at the bottom of the prilling tower is sent to the dryer drum, where the products moisture is reduced in a progressive way. The commercial product after being screened is cooled until 28ºC in a fluid bed cooler assisted by a chiller unit.
  • Coater: In order to avoid caking problems, the comercial product is coated before being sent to the storage.
  • Energetic Savings: The air proceeding from the fluid bed cooler is recirculated to the dryer in order to improve the energetic balance and reduce pollution.

All emissions are treated in a high efficiency washing system.

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